How to Make a 3-Color Paracord Survival Bracelet

Adding a third accent color to a 2-color Cobra Braid Survival Bracelet isn’t difficult, and makes an excellent looking Bracelet.  1-3-Color-Paracord-Survival-Bracelet

Here’s how w did it with Black and Coyote Brown MilSpec Paracord, with a Red Accent Stripe and a handsome 5/8″ Gold Colored Buckle.

Review instructions on how to measure your wrist size to make a Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Needed:
– Two lengths of different colored Paracord, each at least 4-5 feet in length.
– One length (accent color) of Paracord at least 10-12 inches in length

Review the Other Materials You Will Typically Need to Make a Paracord Survival Bracelet

Review Instructions on How to Melt Two Colors of Paracord Together


Trim the ends of your Paracord and melt two ends together.  (Pretend that the Paracord in the picture above is BLACK and COYOTE BROWN!)








Thread a loop on one color of Paracord from the TOP side of the FEMALE buckle down to the BOTTOM side of the Female buckle.









Thread the loose ends of the Paracord through the loop you just created making a Larkshead knot.









Thread the two loose ends of your Paracord down from the TOP of the MALE buckle to the BOTTOM of the MALE buckle.









Your Bracelet should look like the picture above.

Adjust your Bracelet to approximately the size of the wrist that you are making the Bracelet for.







now measure the length of your Bracelet.

Review instructions on how to measure your wrist size to make a Paracord Bracelet










We’re making a Bracelet for a wrist size of 7 1/2″, so the Bracelet will be 8 1/2″.










Add the accent color to the Bracelet.  Thread one end from the TOP of the MALE buckle down to the BOTTOM of the MALE buckle.

Thread the short end of the accent color at least 1 or 2 inches from the MALE buckle and leave it loose.  Thread the long end of the accent color down between the “core” colors of the Bracelet.










In this view, you are looking at the TOP of the Bracelet.  You’ll be braiding down the TOOP side of the Bracelet.

You can start with either the BLACK or the COYOTE BROWN outside strand of Paracord.  We’ll start with the Coyote Brown outside strand.

Take the Coyote Brown strand OVER ALL of the other strands of Paracord.











Bring the BLACK strand down OVER the COYOTE BROWN Paracord.










now thread the BLACK UNDERNEATH ALL of the strands, and UP through the loop that you created with the Coyote Brown Paracord.











The first Cobra knot in your Bracelet will look like this.











Tighten the first part of your Cobra knot.











Now RAISE the ACCENT COLOR UP so that you can braid the other half of the Cobra knot UNDERNEATH the ACCENT color.










Now bring the Coyote Brown strand OVER ALL of the strands EXCEPT the LONG STRAND of the ACCENT COLOR










Now bring the BLACK strand down over the Coyote Brown strand










Now thread the BLACK Paracord UNDER ALL of the other Paracord and UP THROUGH the loop that you created with the Coyote Brown Paracord.











Now tighten the other half of the Cobra knot that you just made, and LOWER the ACCENT COLOR Paracord so that the next part of the Cobra knot  can be tied OVER the TOP of the ACCENT Color.










Now bring the Coyote Brown strand OVER the TOP of ALL of the strands, just as you did above with the Coyote Brown Strand.











Bring the BLACK OVER the Coyote BROWN, UNDER ALL of the other strands, and UP THROUGH the loop that you just made with the Coyote Brown Paracord.

Tighten up the Cobra knots and push them snugly up towards the MALE end of the buckle.










NOTE:  “Measure Twice and Cut Once!”

Now that you have two Cobra knots in place, the Bracelet won’t unravel by itself.  This is a good time to make a second check to make sure the length of the Bracelet is correct.

You should be able to comfortably slip one finger between your wrist and the Bracelet.  When completely braided, the Bracelet will be slightly tighter than it is at this point.

If the Bracelet is too loose or too tight, untie your initial Cobra knots, adjust the Bracelet length accordingly, braid two more Cobra knots and recheck the Bracelet length.










When the Bracelet length is correct, continue braiding Cobra knots, alternating OVER and UNDER the ACCENT COLOR of Paracord.  Braid until you run out of room at the FEMALE buckle end of the Bracelet.











When you get to the end of the Bracelet, thread the ACCENT color through the Larkshead knot that you made in Step 1, and DOWN from the TOP of the Bracelet to the BOTTOM of the Bracelet.










Turn the Buckle over so that you can work on the UNDERNEATH side.

The picture above shows the UNDERSIDE of the Bracelet.

A Paracord Needle or hemostats are helpful to finish the Bracelet.

Thread the ACCENT COLOR underneath 2 or three turns of braids to secure them.

Pull both the BLACK and the COYOTE BROWN cords to the UNDERSIDE of the Bracelet, and thread them underneath 2 or 3 turns of braids to secure them.










Trim the ends with a sharp knife or scissors.

These Paracord ends do not need to be burned as they will not slip from underneath the tightened braids.  Some people specifically do NOT burn the ends to make the bracelet more comfortable for wearing, as there is no “hard” and “burned” paracord rubbing on your wrist.

However, the ends of the paracord can be burned at this point to melt them into the Bracelet.









Congratulations!  You now have a excellent and colorful 3-Color, or Tri-Color Cobra Survival Paracord Bracelet!

Enjoy … and Keep Charging!

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