Materials Needed to Make Paracord Bracelets

Paracord-Bracelet-Supplies-500w-10In general, you won’t need many supplies to make your Paracord Bracelets.  Here is a list of the supplies that you will definitely need, and other supplies that are optional:

Paracord:  Most Paracord Bracelets are made with either ONE or TWO colors of Paracord.  A few Bracelets are made with THREE colors (Tri-Colored Cobra).

Most Paracord Bracelets can be made from ONE piece of Paracord that is at least 8 feet in length. or TWO pieces of paracord that are both at least 4-5 feet in length.  If you are making a particularly LARGE size of bracelet, for example, for a large-sized man, you’ll want to use at least ONE piece of Paracord that is at least 9 or 10 feet in length, or TWO pieces of Paracord that are both at least 5 feet in length.

HERE is an excellent place to buy genuine, guaranteed MilSpec Paracord.  MilSpec Paracord is stronger, more reliable, more flexible and supple, which makes it easier to use for braiding Paracord Bracelets.

If you’d prefer, you can also buy kits with the supplies that you’ll be needing to make Paracord Bracelets.  This is our favorite Paracord Bracelet Kit.

Ruler or Tape Measure:  You’ll need something to measure the wrist of the person who you are making the Bracelet for, and to measure the actual Bracelet, itself.  Learn How To Measure for the Correct Paracord Bracelet Length

Sharp Scissors or Knife:  You’ll need sharp scissors or a knife to trim the ends of the Paracord after you complete the Bracelet.

Paracord Needle (optional but recommended):  A Paracord Needle is not a definite “requirement,” however, it will be very helpful in neatly finishing your Bracelets by tucking in the loose ends of the Paracord.  Here is an inexpensive Paracord Needle that we have used for our Bracelets.

Hemostats (optional but recommended if you don’t have access to a Paracord Needle):  A pair of hemostats can be very helpful for pulling the loose ends of the Paracord under previously braided loops of your Bracelet, leaving a smooth, clean and finished look and feel.

Here is an inexpensive set of hemostats on Amazon that can be used for your Paracord Bracelets.

Buckle (optional):  Many Paracord Bracelets are made with plastic or metal buckles.  However, depending on the specific type of weave, the Bracelets can also be made with a “ball” on one end and a “loop” on the other end of the bracelet.

Lighter or matches (optional):  The ends of the Paracord on Bracelets are often burned and melted with a lighter or matches to secure the ends and keep the Bracelet from unraveling.  If you burn the ends of  Paracord, BE VERY CAREFUL.  Most Paracord is made from nylon and / or polyester.  Both of these materials will burn and melt.  DO NOT TOUCH molten nylon or polyester with your bare skin hands, fingers or skin.  The hot nylon or polyester can stick to your skin and leave a serious burn.

Also, when you burn nylon or polyester Paracord, it can result in a rather unpleasant odor.  You may want to plan to burn the ends of your paracord out of doors, rather than indoors.

Paracord Bracelet Jig (Optional):  Some people prefer to use a jig, others prefer NOT using a Paracord Jig.  These can be especially helpful for people just learning to measure and braid Paracord Bracelets.

Paracord Jigs come in many different sizes and styles, so shop around a bit and find the Jig that is best for your particular needs.

Here is a popular Paracord Jig that you might want to use for your for braiding your Paracord Bracelets.

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