How to Melt Two Pieces of Paracord Together

Some Paracord Bracelets require melting the ends of two different colors of Paracord together prior to braiding a Two-Color Bracelet.  Here’s how to do it:


1 – Take the ends that are to be melted together, and make a clean cut across the width of the ends of the Paracord.


 2 – Heat both neatly cut ends of the paracord until you see it beginning to melt.  Don’t get let the ends of the Paracord get so hot that they start to burn.

Hold-ends-together-400w-103 – Carefully hold the melted ends together for several seconds until they cool and melt together.  After cooling, this splice will be fairly strong.  If it breaks when you pull it apart, just cut the splice out of the Paracord, trim the ends, and melt the ends together, again.

NOTE:  Be VERY careful when you are melting Paracord.  Most Paracord is made from nylon and / or polyester.  When these materials are melted, they are extremely hot.  Do NOT touch the molten nylon or polyester, as it will stick to your skin and can leave a very serious burn.

4 – Be sure and have FUN!


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