Paracord Needle

Paracord Bracelet & Paracord Needle-250-50Paracord Needle:

This is not a “requirement” for making Paracord Survival Bracelets, but it is very helpful for finishing the bracelets.

If you decide you’d like one or two Paracord Needles, click here to see our first choice.

The front end of the Paracord Needle is gently “pointed” so that you can thread the needle

Paracord-Needle for making paracord survival bracelets-250w-1

underneath the braids of a bracelet.

The back end of the needle is hollowed out and threaded on the inside.  This allows you to “screw” the loose end of the paracord into the back end of the needle.  Then thread the paracord underneath the tightened braids on the bracelet.

Some people prefer to pull the loose ends of the Paracord underneath some of the tightened braids on the Bracelet rather than burning the ends of the paracord.  This is safer than burning, and leaves soft ends of Paracord potentially rubbing against your skin, rather than hard, “scratchy” burned Paracord rubbing against your skin.


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