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Here are snippets of some of the comments we’ve received:

– This is True Paracord!! – about time!! for the love of God i have looked and looked for real paracord and here it is!!! buy it up! put it in your bugout bag put it in your car! or any were else you may need this is the real stuff i am very happy.  Benjamin Pierce

– This is the Paracord You’re Looking For – I’ve bought a handful of paracord bundles recently and this is by far the best. It’s the real deal … The quality is obvious. The orange color I bought is definitely International Orange and not some neon orange stuff.  Bernard McGriff

– Exactly What I Was After – I ordered this for my husband, who loves paracord. I was quite concerned about ordering the wrong thing as he often refers to “fake paracord”, but this is definitely the real deal. He is thrilled with it. Simple packaging. Color true to image.  mercylullaby

– Yup.  The Real Deal – I may only be making survival bracelets with this, but this paracord isn’t the fake crap you buy at Walmart. Thanks!  Erin Roberts

– The Real Deal – This cord is the real thing. I would buy more if needed and recommend this to others. It is very versatile and comes in handy for many uses. You can’t go wrong buying this cord. Watch out for the cheap stuff.  B. Peabody

– Great Stuff – It does appear to be considerably stronger than the cheaper stuff I picked up in the camping section at Cabela’s.  Ignatz451

– The Best Paracord I’ve Found – This is by far the best paracord I’ve purchased. I’ve bought other paracord that doesn’t even come close to this product. A friend of mine purchased some online and it barely had a strand in it. THIS stuff truly is the real deal. The supplier/manufacturer is A+ as well. I will definitely buy more of this.  Slade

– Heavy Duty – I’ve purchased a lot of stuff listed as “paracord”. I never thought much about it until I realized most of it was not actually Mil-Spec.  Just got this stuff yesterday for some homemade boot laces. It is really good stuff. While there is less expensive stuff out there, this seems much more durable.  D. Sprigg

– Worth it – This is indeed real mil spec paracord. What more can you say? Buy some. I certainly will buy more as soon as I’ve wrapped my knives.  Kirok

Mil Spec for Sure – Price was high but product was worth it…… if your Life and or Comfort depend on this…… no price tooooo High  Amen to that!  Mike

– Impressive quality with a great price – Very impressed with the quality and the overall experience with the company.  As someone who has bought hundreds of feet of paracord over the years I found the craftsmanship and the durability of this product to be excellent. The information included with the cord was very helpful.  Erik Sacino

– Fantastic Paracord – Some of the best paracord I’ve purchased. Genuine, high quality mil-spec, better constructed than any I’ve come across before this.  Samuel Kordik

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.  So many paracord items are not – 8 inner strands, each created from 3 finer strands. Documented avg break-strength of over 630 pounds. Don’t let the slightly lower prices on the other items fool you! They almost fooled me.  Scott K.

– Great Paracord – Very nice paracord, high quality.  Drake

– Great Stuff!  – This is the real deal!  I really wanted the real stuff for my hiking adventures and this is it.  Very tough and meets the “mil-specs” for paracord. It comes with some info when purchased.  Prince

– Repeat customer.  Best paracord available.  True Mil-Spec.  Highly recommended!!  Dave Carothers

Confident that I could trust my life to this paracord – In the military I used paracord (or 550 cord) for a million different applications, and it was always unit issued. When I got out of the military and needed my own, I discovered that just about any sporting goods store you go to sells “paracord.” I tried a couple different kinds but honestly, none of it seemed as robust as what I was issued in the military. When I saw this product I thought I’d give it a shot, and I’m very glad I did. This is the real deal, exactly as I remembered, and the extensive documentation the manufacturer provides leaves no doubt that they stand behind it and are confident it meets the MIL-C-5040H standard.  Matt H

– I recieved the item it is well made strong and long 🙂  It was good I enjoy the item and it is very useful around my house.  Marc

– Its Paracord – what can i say, this is great cord for all situations, perfect for my go bag and would not leave the house without it ready. Build a go bag with all the emergency stuff you need. It will save your life one day.  J. Pierfelice

– Awesome cord, fast shipping, will buy from again.  Steven

– Good Quality – I bought this for my International trip. I got two 30″ luggage, each 50lb (yah, I bought a lot of gifts for my family and friends). I was afraid that my luggage would be broken during the 13-hour trip and decided to use this Paracord to pack up my luggage. My luggage arrived as it was. I tried commercial packing straps before and some of them were torn off after the trip. This Paracord helps me get my gifts to my family and friends safely!  YCL Store “YCL Store”

– Arrived on time – as described – very satisfied.  Will be purchasing more.  Andrew J.

You Get What You Pay For – Timely delivery, constructed as advertised and the price is right.  This is, in fact, the real deal and the extra 10′ is a nice bonus.  This paracord is for serious users, shop elsewhere for the cheap s*** for your arts & crafts projects.  Old Goat

– Followup by seller has been excellent.  I know I’ve made an excellent purchase.  Ole Seim

Gear Bag Essential – Inexpensive does mean inessential. Get this, throw it in you bag. Period. You can tell a lot about someone’s outdoor aptitude from their gear bag. Is it stuffed full of misc. big box/catalog store junk and techno-crap or does it have very few, very good, essentials. This is one of those essentials.  Wiflyangler

– Very pleased. I would do business with this merchant again in a heartbeat! A++ medic23920

Mil-Spec Type III Parachute Cord – Mil Spec C-5040H Compliant 110 feet – This stuff is like WD-40(c) or duct tape – it’s so useful you just want to go find another way to use it!  If you’re looking for honest-to-goodness Mil-Spec Type III Parachute Cord – PIA/Mil Spec C-5040H Compliant, then you should buy this.  Stephen Carr

– As advertised.  No complaints from this shopper.  Deven R

The real deal – Research taught me that this is a product cloaked in counterfeit, and false claims.  Do yourself a favor and research paracord. You will learn that what you are buying from these guys is the real deal.  TechJunkie

– Good price quick delivery.  David S

– Top of the line product.  Recommend this product.  Larry Conrad

– Very Satisfied! – This is indeed the highest quality and strength paracord I have ever had.  I highly recommend these guys for your paracord needs. Not very often am I satisfied enough to write a review, but this cord and seller deserve it!  Caflil

– Thanks.  Koba

– Real Deal.  The batch that I got has a breaking strength of 638.33 pounds!  It has 8 strands and 1 is color coded.  REAL DEAL!  Matthew Bransfield

– Great product, quality mil-spec 550 paracord, prime delivery as promised!  Robert Dizon

Excellent – This has extra strength from having more cords inside the casing and is easy to work with.  Will buy more in the future.  Richard Hanford

– Awesome cord, fast shipping, will buy from again.  Steven

– Lightweight, Strong and reasonably priced – I do a lot of camping with my kids and this cord is just what I need.  The shipping also was super fast, I’m happy with my purchase. I’m afraid the only downside to this product is it last for a long time and never wears off so I wouldn’t be ordering it every month… Highly recommended.  Abdessadek Benessa

– This seems to be the same stuff I used a while back while in the military. I plan on using this for a number of things around the house and should be able to due to the high tensile strength. When I run out, I know exactly where to go!!  Daniel Marshfield

DO not buy the “commerical” paracord. Buy This stuff!  – Wow!  Your cord is miles ahead of the “commercial” garbage. What a great product that actually lives up to its description.  g

– Top of the line product Recommend this product.  Larry Conrad

– The Right Stuff – I would put paracord right up there with multi-use devices like the swiss army knife, baking soda, and Avon’s Skin So Soft. I have put the strong cord in my car trunk in case of emergency.  LaurieMac

– I got exactly what i wanted. great stuff. clearly different and better then the “mil-spec” stuff i previously ordered from another vendor. will buy more.  bk

– Let me start by saying I bought this “brand” by the reviews and price. I checked all the usual places on line, compared everything I could and this is the real deal. I just wanted some for the BOB and lots of it. Boy and are they proud of their product. And they should be.  Earl W

– This is true ParaCord. If you need just cheaper crafting material and not something to add to your survival gear then go else ware. You can craft with this but this is will also stand up to survival punishment.  Vincent M

– Paracord 550 Mil Spec – I’ve heard so many friends talk about Paracord.  It’s a must have for any survival and emergency kit.  This seller seems to know very well and provide a very detailed description of this paracord.  WTS blue- The cord is as advertised. Very high quality. Shipping was very fast.  WTS blue

– True mil-spec paracord, not the commercial/cheap type.  Repeat customer.  Highly recommended!!!  Dave Carothers

Excellent paracord – The cord is very good, small in diameter but very tough. I used it for my huaraches sandals and camping. The fifth star is for excellent information provided by the seller.  Ngo Tuan Dzung

– Awesome multi use chord – I love this stuff.My wife and I decided to start making necklaces and bracelets. There are so many cool uses for this. This seller specifically follows up after the sale with many interesting facts and information on usage.  Jeremy Howard

– Great experience.  Michelle Teo

– This stuff is awesome! – I just built hammock stands in the back yard. I used this paracord to string them up. Holds us up just fine. I have had a 250 lb. man in the hammock in full swing and it seemed just fine.  J. Vincent

– Has the correct number of strands, seems to be strong, 1 strand hold my weight without issue.  Paperroseies

– Fast shipping, great product.  Patricia Gerkin


This brand really loves their rope – It’s nice to see a company take such pride in their product.  Chris G

– Looks to be the real deal – … much better than the cheap stuff I usually buy. I have to save this for real use not just casual stuff. Thanks guys.  Middle Aged Ma

– Great item that has a thousand and one uses.  Rammstein77

– This stuff rocks – Everyone needs 100 feet of this stuff. Super compact and super strong. I used 10 feet or so to replace the laces on my hiking boots. I used it as a clothes line last time I went camping. Good stuff and the real deal mil-spec stuff.  Anthony C. Throop

– Everything was great and just as I ordered!  William S

– It Doesn’t Get Better Than This – The paracord I purchased is the REAL Mil Spec paracord. A GREAT product at a GREAT price. I received my paracord in three days of placing my order.  Dave Carothers

– Great product, quality mil-spec 550 paracord, prime delivery as promised!  Bruce Lee

– Superb quality, infinite uses for this paracordI was immediately impressed with the high quality.  I’m finding more uses for this than I could have imagined.  I wish I’d bought more than one skein and stocked up so I always have it on hand. I’ll be ordering more for sure.  Anita Edge

– I Would buy again. Fast delivery and the product is exactly as described, top-Grade MIL Spec cord. Will serve many uses around the house and campsite.  John

– Good stuff! – This is pro level 550 cord, and you can use it for anything your imagination can come up with. I use a lighter to melt the ends after I cut it to keep the inner cords in place.  Josh

– Exceeded expectations! – I am a scientist and have, for many years, followed the claims of many manufacturers that tout the tension and torsion that their paracords can withstand, without proof. However, studies have shown that this specific product is, indeed, the best on the market.  Health Sense

– A+ seller super fast shipping and great item would buy from seller again.  Tim

– Versatile, durable and lightweight – When I looked at the product description page, I was pleasantly surprised by the many situations this mil spec paracord can be used for. Not many Amazon sellers take the time to help their potential buyers understand the full benefits of owning their products. That alone gave me the confidence to buy from this seller.  Alisha

– Great Quality High Grade Cord for making a Paracord Survival Bracelet and Belt – I just made a great survival bracelet for my daughter with this paracord. She recently moved to Colorado and have made some friends who goes hiking with her. This will be an extra survival tool that she can wear around her wrist and use when she needs it.  I was first introduced to paracords by my daughter when she was in Girl Scouts. During her time in there, she learned how to use the paracord as a survival tool and made all sorts of things with them that most would not even think of.  Meng

– My 7 and 9 year old loved them. Will be able to use for several years.  christina lynn

– This paracord saved my weekend!!! – I got this paracord from my friend as a “present”. I thought it was a joke. I went online and did some research and found tons of use for it. I thought the “emergency kit” box would be a good home for it 😉 This past weekend I went on a rafting trip and our raft started leaking. Luckily, I had my emergency kit with me.   I tied up our raft to our friend’s raft and paddled back to the camp site down the river without having to carry the heavy 8 person raft over the rocks for a mile.  What a life saver!!!  I was so thankful. The first thing I did when I got home was to purchase one and have it delivered to my other close friend 🙂  YJK

The real deal! – Product arrived on time and as exactly specified on page. Good seller.  WPM

 This product was beyond expectations! – This product was beyond expectations!  I used this cord to make a sled pull for hauling wood and it did a great job. I also put it in my emergency kit because you never know when you’ll need it. I am sure I will use this cord for everything around home and camp.  Jennifer L

– Amazing ! – The bottom line is that I am very happy with it and I am glad that I got it.  tagreader

– Gardeners Need This! – I need this type for my SoCal yard where I grow vegetables, citrus, and avocados. I can block off areas with paracord and temp-fence, and then adjust them easily as needed. It also keeps out the dog who should not eat avocados that hit the ground. Even better, this paracord will not rot and shred when tied to my trellises to hold up my thorny blackberries and boysenberries, despite constant wind every afternoon and my spray watering system.  A.L. Cox

– Do your homework, and you’ll buy only this Paracord – I couldn’t possibly have a complaint with this seller!  I got the real deal, and some good information and education! Len D

– A returning customer.  The best paracord available and true mil-spec, not the commercial grade junk sold by the vast majority of other vendors.  Dave Carothers

– Very happy with purchase, prompt shipment, excellent quality and follow up by seller with information about paracord.  Dan

– I love indispensable products that have multi-purpose usage for all areas of your life. I use these to rig up camera equipment when I’m shooting, I fashion them to tie down things on my SUV, I also use them especially in the garden when I need something that won’t fall apart over time in the outdoor elements. needless to say, I take a good amount of cord with me when I go hiking or camping because you never know when you need it. It has a million uses.  WPM

– I have used their product before and it is the best available.  Michael H

– Arrived in perfect condition.  Very Pleased.  Dale Mortimer

– The Real Military Cord – Brings Back Good Memories – Years ago in North Dakota we used paracord for training hunting dogs, Wirehaired Pointers. It’s great for “long-line” training because of the strength it packs in just 5/32 of an inch. The long supple cord slides through the grass and shrub without getting snagged or picking up stickers.  In Texas we use the Mil-Spec cord for tying down boat tarps, dock bumpers, shade awnings, and once again for our dogs. Don’t bother with the cheap stuff because what you are tying down is generally worth far more than you might save in buying a cheap imitation.  Texas Buyer

– True Military Specification Paracord – I’m a big fan of multipurpose survival gear.  Paracord is good to have around – whether you’re securing objects in the back of your car, tying up the trash and coolers so the bears can’t get to ’em, or making sure you have good emergency materials in your car or camping kit.  It’s an absolute must for open-top Jeeps on 4×4 trips to keep your gear in the car.  Nick Armstrong

– Top quality. This rope is strong. I always carry some in my back pack for survival/utility/anything else i need it it for.  Cornel G.

– Great item! Just as described! The only paracord to order!  Charles

– Great!  DK

– Awesome seller! Arrived quicker than promised. Great product, true military grade para cord. Also this seller gives supporting info via email about why this para cord is the best and lots of other uses. Thanks guys, keep it up.  JoJo

– Awesome, just as described!  Albert

– Good quality paracord!  Mike M.

– Excellent and prompt shipping. Every scout needs this!  Stan L.

– No problems!  Gadget Nut

– Follow up by seller has been excellent, I know I’ve made an excellent purchase.  Zaphod

– Fast shipping. The item received was exactly as described.  John Hancock

– Arrived on time – as described – very satisfied. Will be purchasing more.  Andrew L. Johnson

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